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Certified FAA Repair Station
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Santa Monica Propeller
Service Inc.

3135 Donald Douglas Loop S
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Toll Free: (800) 421-9995
International (310) 390 - 6233

FAX (310) 398-3471

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Governor Service:


At Santa Monica Propeller, Our highly qualified technicians with over 26 years of specialized training to provide complete governor services and capabilities ranging from repairs and overhauls, exchanges, new governor sales and technical support for all leading manufacturers, including McCauley, Hartzell, Woodward/Ontic and PCU5000. No matter your needs, Santa Monica Propeller has been providing the highest quality customer service from the same location in the Santa Monica airport since 1953.


How It Works:


Besides the propeller, the other major component of the system is the governor. The governor mounts onto and is geared to the engine. This drives the governor gear pump and the flyweight assembly. The gear pump boosts engine oil pressure to provide quick response by the propeller. The rotational speed of the flyweight assembly varies directly with engine speed and controls the position of the pilot valve. Depending on it's position, the pilot valve will direct oil flow to the propeller, allow oil to flow back from the propeller or be in a neutral position with no oil flow. Oil flow increases pitch, decreases pitch or helps the propeller blades stay in a constant pitch.




Santa Monica propeller is a FAA Certified Repair Station that sells, services, overhauls, repairs, and customizes propellers and governors. The company is a distributor and service center utilizing FAA certified products supplied by:


  • Hartzell
  • McCauley
  • Ontic/Woodward
  • PCU-5000


Quality Assurance:


All work is inspected by the in-house FAA approved inspection system. In addition Santa Monica Propeller is an FAA approved repair station that requires additional quality assurance standards and criteria. The company has always offered a 2 year or 1000 hours warranty on overhauls.



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